A Lustful Temptations: Hidden Secrets Stage Play

Friday, January 24, 2020
Presented By 
M3 Prime Productions
Jan 24

At such a young age, Brooke has lost her father, but gained a alcohol addicted mother. Her mother is unable to crawl out of the grief hole and begins to neglect her daughter, and in return, Brooke is impacted critically and she falls Into alcoholism herself. As she attempts to repair her life through her therapist, her marriage takes a turn for the worst. Just when she thinks she has it all figured out, life hits her in bizarre way, forcing her and everyone around to expose their most hidden secrets.

“My inspiration in writing A Lustful Temptation: Hidden Secrets was- when I was trying to get through dealing with anxiety, depression, and my own hidden family matters, It was so therapeutic to me. I thought why not create a fictitious story and show it to the world. I embraced the character as my own baby. Then I had to detach from the fictitious world, and attach to the real world-the world that’s filled with real life situations and circumstances that real people go through and can relate to everyday like I did,” said playwright Rashira Johnson, speaking to her cast and crew during rehearsal.

“I felt like I wanted to reach out to others through my play- so that I could be a voice for the people they are silent because of the shame they may feel. They may want to run away from the judgement like I did. I think it’s good to tell your story-because it can truly lift burdens from your heart. I figured I couldn’t be the only person in the world that struggled with trials and tribulations, and if I had to be the face of others similar hurt, why not also try to be the face to healing.”