Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

January Update

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We hope everybody had a safe and productive holiday season! Venice Island is excited to be ringing in the new year with some of our exciting endeavors:

Venice Island's "Shoebox Company Short Theatre Festival"  

"If you have a short theatre piece to share, or an idea for a short theatre piece that has not yet come to fruition, submit for a spot in the 2017 Shoe Box Theatre Festival! You may be wondering if you should bother submitting your weird idea, and the answer is an emphatic yes.

WHO: Anyone.
WHAT: A weekend of theatre pieces, each no longer than 45 mins. 100% of profits go to charity.
WHERE: The Venice Island Performing Arts Center in Manayunk. 7 Lock St., Philadelphia, PA 19127.
WHEN: The weekend of March 31.
WHY: Because art.
HOW: Submit using the form below!
What We Provide:
-A VENUE. The Venice Island Performing Arts Center is a state of the art, 250 seat theater in Manayunk. As part of The Shoebox Theatre Festival, you would perform free of charge! Each group handles all costs of its own production.
-FREE REHEARSAL SPACE, contingent upon Venice Island’s availability.
-A FREE TECH STAFF. The week leading up to the festival will be a tech week for each of the groups to work with our tech staff, which includes a lighting designer, sound designer, and backstage hand.
-OPTIONAL FILM OF YOUR PERFORMANCE with our simple one camera set-up.
Shoe Box Company will produce the event and set the festival line-up. Each group will have the opportunity to select a charity for their portion of the proceeds.
Deadline for applications is JANUARY 23 at 5:00PM.
To apply for a slot in the festival, click here to fill out this online form.
All other questions, inquiries, additional submission materials, requests, or exclamations should be directed to "

Improv Island

2/10/17 // 7:30p
Pay as you like

We somehow survived Improv Island 3: Rainbowpocolypse! 
Monthly improv shows featuring some of the wittiest troupes from around the Philadelphia area, continue on the stage at Venice Island

Mondays In Manayunk // The Summer Club

Come swing with us back to an era when life was cooler, music was snappier, and everyone drank their martinis straight up and their bourbon neat.  This swinging evening of singing, dancing and fantastic fun features 
Jeff Coon and some of his most talented and entertaining friends from Philadelphia and New York along with an incredible 17-piece, live Big Band. Join us at this hip, exclusive “joint” and you’ll experience an evening of live entertainment that you’ll never forget and you simply can’t get anywhere else! 
Doors opening at 7:30pm.
Ticket Prices:



Acadelphia returns to Venice Island, bringing your favorites to the stage in the winter/spring season.
Register for Acadelphia today! Rehearsals start in two weeks on 1/31 at Venice Island Performing Arts Recreation Center, so now is the time to secure your spot in this fun and talented group.
Returning singers: PayPal.Me/Acadelphia/75
New singers: PayPal.Me/Acadelphia/85

See you at rehearsal!

E'Chappe Dance Arts

Venice Island's premier dance program, specializing in multiple styles, continues through the season, with rehearsals each Monday-Wednesday evenings.