June Update

Thursday, June 22, 2017

We have been very busy over here the past few months! We successfully produced our first short theatre festival for our in house theatre company, The Shoe Box Company. And we're now gearing up for our first installation in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in September! We will be putting together a devised piece called "Wild." Our cast is set and diligently working towards crafting something really special.

The YPTC camp begins again in a few weeks and based on the direction they went last year, this year will be truley special. The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Performing Arts Office hosts performing arts camps based out of neighborhood rec centers all throughout the city for different age ranges and disciplines. Please visit the site for more details: www.performingartspdpr.org

Our sprinkler system is back up and running in a limited capacity again for the season! Unfortunately the control systems were damaged last year so the spray park is no longer triggered by the red pylons. The system must by turned on by our facility staff manually when we are here. There are some signs posted to the poles around the spray-park, but if you are here and the water is off, stop in the office and ask one of us to turn it on for you! It's been a mild spring, but summer is heating up quickly! Come by and cool off with your kids/pets/adult friends!

The Delaware Valley Opera Company has kicked off thier summer season and will by hosting 3 opera pieces over the course of the next three months. They have been utilizing Venice Island's theatre space since we've opened and we're happy to have them back!

The Star Players of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation kicked this month off with "A Night of Disney," showcasing Morris Estate's theatre troupe's talents with a few nights of memorable Disney tunes that made everyone in the audience want to head home and dust off thier old VHS tapes of Aladdin and The Lion King! A live performance of The Lion King, by the Leaders and Legends theatre group June 26th-July 2nd will close out our month.

July will showcase Venice Island's brand new (free!) Barre class, taking place in out outdoor amenities on Sunday mornings. Make sure you bring a water bottle, especially if you are attending our Saturday morning Yoga classes the day prior! The ASH Theater Company is Back with us again, as is Mad Face Media bringing an R&B night in our theatre, as well as the Philadelphia Recovery Coalition who's outpatient services have done wonders to the populations they are serving with programs such as the Recovery Idol talent showcase.

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