Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

Statement on Current Events

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Venice Island is a community based performing art center whose mission is to increase the breadth, quality and diversity of creative opportunities for Philadelphians of all backgrounds. We strive to be an artistic home for renters and collaborators from the Black community and all others who represent the glorious multi-ethnic populations of the City in which we all live. The fear and pain that these communities are experiencing have caused us to think very deeply about the role of arts in society today.  

We at Venice Island believe that art has the power to respond and offer perspective on the world. However, in such a volatile time and with the current restrictions on how we can create art so confining, we don’t pretend to know the best way for this to be done. We are committed to taking a step back and assessing how to best serve you – our community – when the time is right. Above all we believe in the need to connect, to talk to one another, and to come together by whatever means possible to amplify the unheard voices in our community. 

Venice Island Performing Arts Center wishes all our audiences, renters, collaborators, friends and family continued safety, support, and comfort in these trying times. We stand with you. 


The Staff of Venice Island Performing Arts Center