Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

Venice Island From a Distance Finale

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Our final video for Venice Island From a Distance is a roundtable discussion with our amazing hosts Ryan Rebel, Daralyse Lyons and Noah Herman.

We want to thank each one of our guests: Ang Bey, Dice Raw, Darryl Charles, James Lane, Chris Herrman, Mark Jerde, Shav'on Smith, and Zack James for sharing their time, insight, and experiences with us.

We want to thank Adventure Lost, Dice Raw, A Day Without Love, OnoDaHybrid, Yes! And... CAMP, and James Lane for providing music.

We also want to shout out our featured restaraunts, La Roca Manayunk, Lucky's Last Chance, Winnie's Manayunk, Manayunk Brewing Company, and the Manayunk Tavern.