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VIPAC Programs

Venice Island has an educational plan entitled Exposure Arts.

Exposure Arts Initiative is in the business of comprehensive performing arts education and training to provide the theatrical experience to Philadelphia residents who may not have the opportunity to experience or be exposed to the arts either in school or community at large.

Mission: To provide quality education and training in the field of performing and technical arts for the citizens of Philadelphia to be able to express themselves freely, to uplift the community, and show the greatness of humanity through an artistic vehicle and to introduced the community to the theatre.

Program Goals and Objectives:

Exposure Arts’ goal is to have a training for people of all ages in the Philadelphia area who want to get into the field of performing and technical arts who may have had an interest, but never got to experience or had the opportunity to be exposed to the arts in a professional manner. We want to expose the community to a beautiful and professional environment far from their reality in some neighborhoods where their expression can be extinguish due to drugs, gangs, and violence. The arts have been able to give people confidence and self-esteem; in short, the arts save lives.