Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

Young Performers Theater Camp

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation's Young Performers Theater Camp is a performing arts camp for children, ages 9 through 18 who have an expressed interest in the theater and related arts. 

Venice Island & the Annenberg Center host this premier performing arts summer camp for six weeks beginning the first Monday of July.  There are three musical theater groups (Juniors, ages 9 to 12; Teens, ages 13 & 14; Seniors, ages 15 to 18) and a dance program (ages 9 to 18). All campers get to perform for families, friends and the public in August. Venice Island is the home of our senior campers, who in addition to the musical theater component participate in a playwrighting curricululm, and are introduced to the production and staging technology of VI.

A fee for the six-week camp includes lunch and a snack. Daily bus service is available for an additional fee. To complete registration of for additional information,  please visit the PPR Performing Arts Office's website.